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At Lorraine's gentle yoga, we understand that as we age, our bodies and needs change. Our classes are tailored to meet our student's needs & provide them with a supportive environment to practice. We offer a range of classes including gentle stretching, strengthening & relaxation techniques, as well as specialize in Yin Yoga, Chair Yoga, Hatha Yoga & Chair Cardio.

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over 80 virtual yoga classes are available

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.”

- George Bernard Shaw

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Student Testimonials
Clear Instructions; Fresh & Relaxed

Lorraine has been my yoga teacher for about 10 years. She has taught me all the basic steps. She gives very clear instructions. As well will show different adaptations if needed. Every class is different and fresh and relaxed. I always feel at ease.

I have several health issues but I feel my body and mind have benefited greatly from all those years of yoga classes with Lorraine. I hope to continue for many more years. 

Eli S.
Kept me moving; Enjoying Retirement

Yoga with Lorraine has been very important in my life for both my mental and physical health.  It’s kept me moving and able to enjoy retirement. And I’ve enjoyed getting to know the other participants over the years. 

Linda C.
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