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Yoga designed just for you!

At Lorraine's gentle yoga, we understand that as we age, our bodies and needs change. We have over 80 virtual classes that are tailored to meet our student's needs & provide you with a supportive environment to practice. We offer a range of classes including gentle stretching, strengthening & relaxation techniques, as well as specialize in Yin Yoga, Chair Yoga, Hatha Yoga & Chair Cardio.

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Chair Cardio

Our Chair Cardio classes are perfect for seniors who want to get their heart rate going and have a good time!


Join experienced instructors Doreen and Lorraine as they lead you through a fun and energetic class, you can either stay seated in a chair or stand. You’ll get your body moving while singing along to some of your favourite oldies that you know and love. Don’t miss out on this fun and energizing class to help you stay fit and active!

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