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Clear Instructions. Fresh & Relaxed!

Lorraine has been my yoga teacher for about 10 years. She has taught me all the basic steps. She gives very clear instructions. As well will show different adaptations if needed.

Every class is different and fresh and relaxed. I always feel at ease. 

I have several health issues but I feel my body and mind have benefited greatly from all those years of yoga classes with Lorraine. I hope to continue for many more years. 

Eli S
Wonderful pace; Strong & Clear

I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for the past 16 years. I actually retired early as the pain was so debilitating. I tried everything from exercise, massage, acupuncture, aqua size, etc to find out what helped the most. Yin Yoga seemed designed for me. I met Lorraine at the Headingley Community Centre and her classes were perfect for my situation. Lorraine does a wonderful job of setting the pace so that I can keep up.


Her voice is strong and clear so that I can actually do the class just by listening, rarely do I have to look at her for the positioning, and she describes it very well. A couple of years ago I suffered a bout of sciatic pain that lasted for a full year. I still have pain from that but once again Yoga has helped immensely! I highly recommend it and Lorraine!

Darlene B.
Kept me moving & enjoying retirement!

Yoga with Lorraine has been very important in my life for both my mental and physical health.  It’s kept me moving and able to enjoy retirement. And I’ve enjoyed getting to know the other participants over the years. 

Linda C.
Image by Yannic Läderach
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